Know Before You Go

Appointment Prep:

Please take a look at these directions and tips to prepare yourself for your appointment. Be ready to relax and take a nap while your lashes are transformed!

  • Electronically fill out client intake forms.

  • Thoroughly remove all eye makeup with an oil-free cleanser before your appointment. I suggest cleaning your lash line at  least two times before your appointment to make sure they are free of any makeup residue. If you lashes are dirty, I will have to take more time during your appointment to clean them before starting to apply lash extensions. Dirty lashes = less lashing time.

  • Avoid stimulants such as caffeine, fat burners, or other medication that will disrupt relaxation.

  • Please refrain from using any heavy moisturizers or facial oils.

  • No strip lashes. Strip lash glue can stay in your lash line for a while. If there is strip lash glue in you lashes you will be asked to reschedule.

  • No spray tans, microblading, or facial services that may cause skin irritations. I will be taping around your eye and brow area and will also have my hands rest on your forehead and wouldn't want to ruin any of these services.

  • If you usually wear waterproof makeup (including waterproof eyeliners, mascaras, and fiber-mascaras) please wash off well and discontinue use 72 hours prior to your appointment.

  • Wash off lash serums well and do not apply the day of your appointment. Stop oil use on the lashes (castor, coconut, etc.) at least 48 hours in advance.

  • Avoid caffeine the day of your appointment. Caffeine can make your eyes twitch, which means it is difficult to safely apply lash extensions.

  • Arrive on time. Plan some extra travel time in case you run into traffic. If you are late to your appointment, that time is deducted from your appoint ment time.

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  • We will have a consultation to explore your expectations and answer any question you may have. I will have reviewed your intake form prior to ensuring there are no contraindications. Please communicate all questions, concerns, or preferences for the service.

  • Set your phone on silent. you will be unable to text or make calls during the service. 

  • Use the restroom prior to settling in.

  • Feel free to use headphones during your appointment to listen to music, your favorite podcast, or audio books.

  • It is recommended that you remove your contact lenses before your appointment.

  • I cannot allow additional patrons such as children, friends, or partners into my studio while you are having a service.

  • Please do not chew gum during your appointment. 

  • Feel free to reach out with any questions you have beforehand!

Lash Extnesions, Lash Artist

Giving you natural looking lash extensions is my top priority!

Lash Artist
  • Get as comfortable as possible on the bed. You will be laying down on your back for up to 3 hours (depending on service received).

  • I like to start with aromatherapy to help with relaxation.

  • Your eyes will stay closed the entirety of the service. 

  • I apply a gentle cleanser with a soft brush to remove makeup, oil and debris from your lash line and around your eye.

  • Eye pads are place on your lower lashes to hold them down and out of the way. I may need to use tape on your upper lid.

  • Refrain from talking. Shifting and moving of the face can cause problematic shifting of tape/pads. 

  • Stay relaxed and still. Sleep is encouraged!

  •  Communicate if you feel any discomfort during the service or just need a break. 

  • Ensure you have blocked your schedule appropriately through the duration of your appointment.

  • This is a service using cyanoacrylate based adhesive to bond synthetic extensions to the natural lash. Based on the health and conditions of your natural lashes, we create the illusion of increased density and length.